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Foreign Full-Time Maids / Live-in Maids / Indonesian Maids / Filipino Maids / Housekeeping Maids / Part-time Maids

In Singapore, many homes require both adults to work in order to lead a comfortable and sustain a family. Do you need a pair of hands to help in your housekeeping so that you can free yourselves from the hassles of housekeeping after a stressful day at work, and spend better quality time with your family or gathering with friends? We have Part-Time Housekeeping Maids who can help you in doing Part-Time Housekeeping. We also have a reliable licensed partner company who can help you source for foreign Indonesian and Filipino full-time live-in maids.
Our licensed partner company has quality foreign full-time maids with good working attitudes, obedience and they are trained in doing various housekeeping chores. The following rules are required for Engaging a full-time maid:
From April 2005 onwards foreign full-time live-in maids applying for a work permit must be at least 23 years old and should have at least 8 years of formal education. These Indonesian or filippino maids have to take an English multiple-choice test, including basic numerical and literacy knowledge before they can be granted work permits to work as foreign live-in maids. This can ensure that they understand safety instructions with regards to housekeeping and are able to function in a complex urban environment like Singapore.
On average, foreign full-time Filipino maids will be paid about $350-400 a month and entitled to at least a day off per month, while Indonesian maids are paid $280 a month. This is because Filipino live-in maids will generally have better english capability. The wages may vary depending on the live-in maids' experience.
For foreign full time live-in maids you should calculate around S$1000 per month and hiring costs and bi-annual home leave and return airfare tickets. Monthly salaries for Filipino maids average S$350-S$400. From April 2005 onwards, Indonesian maids are paid S$280 per month. There is an additional toiletries and food allowance of S$150-180 if the housekeeping maid is not eating the family's food and receives soap, toothpaste and shampoo from her employers.
It is important to note that employers who change live-in maids five times or more in a year will need to attend an orientation program for employers and may be interviewed by the Ministry of Manpower to establish the reason for the changes. Future applications for foreign live-in maids may also be rejected. Therefore, it is necessary to engage a good agency providing quality foreign full-time maids to save your trouble.

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