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ACRA Reg No:52973310B


NEA Cleaning License No:NEA140326/3310B/N01

14 Robinson Road, #08-01A, Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545

Tel: 6505 9556 (Mon to Fri 11.00am - 6.30pm, Sat 11.00am - 1.30pm)
SMS : 9386 1459 ( 24 hours )
Fax : 62190985 / 6754 2410 ( 24 hours )
A-Cube Microsystems - Your Professional House Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Company

Supply and Installation of Carpet Tiles

Carpet Shampooing, Steaming, Cleaning and Washing

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Washing
Carpet Shampooing
We provide a wide range of broadloom carpet & carpet tiles for Offices, Houses, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Shopping Malls and other Commercial Properties from various countries.
Distinctive colours are available for commercial, hospitality, exhibition & residential projects.
Our partner has grown to be the largest importers and stockists in the carpet industry today. We import quality carpets and rugs from the worlds's largest carpet manufacturers like Shaw International, Mphawk International, World Carpet and Beaulieu Group of Companies etc.
Being a leader in the industry, we will continue to uphold our reputation for customer satisfaction through a sustained commitment to service and affordability in product
Besides the supply and installation of carpet tiles, we also provide Carpet Shampooing, Carpet Steaming, Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Washing Services islandwide in Singapore for offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, schools, houses, shopping malls and other commercial properties.
Our expertise in the carpet industry has seen our sales progress from commercial business sector to financial institutions, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, luxurious apartments, hospitals, clinics, shopping malls and schools etc.

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