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Miscellaneous Safety Tips

Water Safety during childcare

Danger lurks in water. Water in swimming pools, wading pools, buckets, and toilets can be dangerous! Babysitters or nannies involved in childcare should take special note.
There are clear rules about water safety for babysitters. Whenever there is a child/babies and water:
Other things to take note during childcare:

Hand Washing Tips

Balloons Can Be Dangerous

A balloon that is blown up is not dangerous. A deflated balloon or pieces of a "popped" balloon are dangerous, because they are a choking hazard. Food objects (hot dogs, candies, nuts, and grapes) causing choking are much more common than non-food objects (toys, coins, pins, and tacks), but balloons are the most common cause of death from choking caused by a toy. Balloons are frequently given to children, especially at parties and/or holidays. Young children explore by putting things into their mouths. Choking may be caused by:
Any of these can cause death by choking. The material that balloons are made of makes the pieces especially hard to remove if they are sucked into the throat. Normal first aid procedures such as the Heimlich Maneuver are less likely to be successful than with other objects, such as food. Babysitters can protect the child and prevent tragedy if they follow these rules when babysitting.

Well-prepared babysitters and nannies will be highly respected and greatly appreciated by parents.

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